Ski Lifts in Sundance

Sundance Ski Lifts

There are only four lifts in Sundance: a quad to take you up, two triple chairs to get you around the back and a tow lift for beginners.

There are only four lifts to choose from here, so you probably won’t get lost. The quad lift takes visitors from the village to access the other lifts and all the terrain. Also down near the village is the handle tow lift for beginners. Two triple chairs serve the back mountain, which is where the highest terrain can be found. The lifts are open from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm. Waiting lines are rarely a problem anywhere on the mountain.

Lift passes

There are lift passes for all abilities, ages and times of day. As you might expect, the passes are much cheaper than at other resorts as there are fewer trails and lifts. A full-day pass costs US$29 for adults Monday to Friday (US$36 on weekends), US$16 for children (aged 6-12), US$10 for seniors (aged 65 ), and children aged under six ski for free. Half-day passes run from 12:30 pm and cost US$22 for adults Monday through Friday and US$29 on weekends. No photo ID is required for passes. You can buy passes at the resort as part of the Ski Utah Passport multi-area lift program. The handle tow is complimentary for beginners.

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