Ski Lifts in Taos

Taos Ski Lifts & Passes

Taos may not have any detachable lifts, but no one in Taos seems to be in too much of a rush. The somewhat aged lift system is simply part of the resort’s unhurried culture.

Taos Ski Valley has 13 lifts in total – 4 fixed grip quads, 1 triple, 5 doubles, and 2 surface lifts. Taos’ lift system certainly won’t win any awards for speed or uphill capacity. The lifts are slow, but somehow that seems in keeping with the character of the resort. Were they any faster, they would deposit more skiers on the mountain than it could handle; snow conditions on Taos’ legendary steeps would almost certainly suffer.

New for 2014-2015, Taos is installing a triple lift to the summit of Kachina Peak. Kachina’s expert terrain is legendary, but access previously required an almost as legendary hike. The new lift, the most exciting infrastructure project at the resort in over a decade, will cut the uphill travel time to only five minutes. The Kachina Peak triple will top out a breathtaking 12,450 ft. above sea level, a 1,100 ft. vertical rise from the top of Lift 4.


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