Getting to Vail

Getting to Vail couldn’t be easier as Interstate 70 runs through it. Denver International Airport is 121 miles away, and Eagle County Regional Airport is even closer – just 35 miles away – which is why it’s sometimes called Eagle-Vail or Vail/Eagle Airport.

Nearest Airports to Vail

As well as being close to Vail (the 35 mile transfer typically takes 30 to 45 minutes), Eagle airport is  on the correct side of Vail Pass, meaning when I-70 is closed either at the Eisenhower Tunnel or Vail Pass, you can still get to Vail from Eagle. And Eagle is a big enough airport to accommodate large 737’s and jumbo jets.

The nearest international airport is Denver International Airport, which is about 120 miles (190 km) east of Vail, and a two hours’ drive in good conditions. The road is generally good- it takes a severe storm to close Interstate 70 and when this does happen, it’s usually re-opened within 12 hours.

Transfers to Vail from Denver International Airport and Eagle-Vail Airports

Ski-Lifts Airport to Resort Private Transfers

Each year, Ski-Lifts helps over 100,000 skiers and snowboarders get from the airport to the door of their accommodation in ski resorts all over the world, including  to Vail from either Denver or Eagle Airports. Get a quote and book online >>>

Shuttle Services from Denver International Airport

Colorado Mountain Express provides a shuttle service to Vail from Denver. Be aware that this can have multiple stops at different resorts so can take much longer than a private transfer.

Getting around Vail

While parking in the resort is available, it is rather limited,  especially at busy weekends, and visitors are encouraged to  use the town’s convenient public transportation system instead of driving themsleves.

Getting to other Colorado Resorts

The town of Vail offers the country’s largest free intra-city bus service: one service includes Beaver Creek, Keystone, Breckenridge, Silverthorne, Frisco, Dillon, and of course Vail. Vail lies some 39 miles (59 km) west of Keystone and 37 miles (58 km) west of Breckenridge over Vail Pass. There also are numerous outlying routes, so no matter where visitors stay in the Vail Valley, it’s easy and convenient to hop on the bus. The Vail Resorts Express shuttle is the fastest, easiest way to travel between resorts but is  apaid for service. Winter bus schedules run once in the morning and once in the afternoon between the resorts. Within Vail another route runs from Lionshead on the west end of Vail to Golden Peak on the eastern edge of town.

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