Arinsal Ski Schools & Guiding

There are two local ski schools operating at Comallempla, accessible by cable car from Arinsal (Tel +376 737 029) and at La Caubella 1950m above La Massana (Tel+ 376 878 008) in the Pal sector, accessible by cable car from La Massana. There is also a ski school at Arcalis (Tel +376 739 622).

Ski school prices are the same throughout the Vallnord area: If you join a large group (up to 20 people) it’s around 20 euros per person for 2-hours, 35 euros for 4-hours regardless of season and er 15-hours tuition costs 95 euros (high) and 81 euros in low season. 2-hour group classes operate on Saturday or Sunday, 4-hour groups meet for 2-hours each on Saturday and Sunday and the 15-hour groups operate 3-hours daily from Monday – Friday. Prices for children are about 15% less than for adults.

Private ski and snowboarding lessons for individuals and small private groups cost around 35 euros per instructor per hour (1-2 people) up to 50 euros per hour (5-6 people) and can be booked by telephone (Tel +376 737 029 Arinsal, +376 737 008 Pal or +376 739 622 Ordino-Arcalis)

There are also baby clubs (snow kindergarten) and also Snow Parks on the slopes where children up to the age of 8 can build igloos each costing around 17 euros for two hours.

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