Getting to St Anton am Arlberg

Getting to St Anton and the nearby village of St Christoph is easy. St Anton is only about 75 minutes drive away from Innsbruck airport by private transfer or hire car, and Friedrichshafen airport (about 90 minutes) and Zurich airport (about 2 hours) are not much further. St Anton also has its own train station and bus station, so transfers by rail or bus are also possible but take longer.

St Anton am Arlberg Bahnhof 660x260

Nearest Airports to St Anton and St Christoph

The E60 motorway that runs east-west from Switzerland to Austria and the 13km long Arlberg tunnel puts St Anton within easy reach of a choice of several airports including Innsbruck (96km), Friedrichshafen (130km), Zurich (195km) and Munich (300km).

Innsbruck airport – 96km / 1hour 15 minutes
Friedrichshafen airport – 130km / 1 hour 30 minutes
Zurich airport – 195km / 2 hours
Munich airport – 300km / 3 hours

Transfer times Innsbruck to St Anton and Zurich to St Anton by road are about one hour 15 minutes and two hours respectively. Although further than either Innsbruck or Friedrichshafen, Zurich airport in Switzerland offers the biggest choice of flight times daily and easy transfers by road and rail.

Airport Transfers to St Anton am Arlberg

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Airport Car Hire / Car Rental for St Anton and St Christoph

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Driving to St Anton am Arlberg and around the Arlberg ski area.

It’s motorway driving most of the way from all the nearby airports and an easy journey by car unless you are unlucky enough to arrive during a snowstorm. Renting a car will usually prove to be a cost-effective option for small groups and having  your own car is useful if you want to explore the furthest parts of the Arlberg ski area such as Warth-Schroecken (which you can reach by lift and piste but if you drive to Lech you will be able to spend much more time there) or Sonnenkopf  (which otherwise is only reachable by bus or taxi).

Bus Transfer Services from Zurich Airport to St Anton 

Arlberg Express provides scheduled bus services between Zurich airport and St Anton by bus on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays during the winter season. For reservations and information: Arlberg Express International, Tel: +43 (0) 5582 226, Email:, Web:

Getting to St Anton am Arlberg by Rail

Transferring from Innsbruck to St Anton by train, or Zurich by train is also easy, but adds another hour or more to your journey as you need to allow time to get from the airport to the main railway station in Innsbruck or Zurich then take the next available Inter City express train to St Anton.

Austrian Railways (ÖBB)
German Railways (DB)
Swiss Railways (SBB)

Ask your hotel to arrange a taxi transfer from the train station or contact one of the local taxi companies: Taxi Harry (Tel: +43 5446 2315 or Email:, Taxi Lami (Tel: +43 5446 2806 or Email:, Taxi Kölli (Tel: +43 5582 622 or Email: 

Getting from St Anton to St Christoph

Obviously during the day you can ski between the two resorts, with a choice of runs ranging from easy  blue pistes to ungroomed ski routes.

But if you have your luggage with you, or you are a non-skier, there are several buses each day – see Or you can take a taxi: it’s only a 7km journey, and should only take around 10 minutes. 

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