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St Johann in Tirol

A number of ski schools provide convenient instruction in St. Johann and Oberndorf, with children particularly well catered for. Most ski schools offer guiding, although the immediate vicinity is relatively limited for off-piste skiing.

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St. Johann Ski Schools

There are three ski schools operating in St. Johann, and another in Oberndorf, conveniently located near all the main lifts up the mountain. Most offer a wide range of skiing and snowboarding lessons, both in groups and privately, and instructors will speak a variety of languages including English and German.

Schischule Wilder Kaiser

Schischule Wilder Kaiser is conveniently located near the main lifts in St. Johann, with its main office near the bottom of the Harschbichl cable car and a children’s area just down the road near the Hochfeld I chairlift. In addition to the usual skiing and snowboarding instruction, the school also offers ski guiding and touring, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, snowbike lessons, and adaptive skiing for adults and children with disabilities. Advanced skiers can improve technique and try their hand at racing, powder skiing and moguls, in the school’s ‘Ski Academy’.

Schischule Wilder Kaiser, Hornweg 7, 6380 St. Johann in Tirol
Tel: +43 5352 64888. Email: [email protected]

Schneesportschule Eichenhof

Based near the Eichenhof series of lifts, Schneesportschule Eichenhof is the most convenient ski school for visitors staying in the eastern side of St. Johann. Its large nursery area is perfect for small children, and the school offers a full day skiing including lunch and supervision in the playground during the break. The school also offers instruction in cross-country skiing for a range of abilities, including the opportunity to ski cross-country at night for those who are more advanced.  Ski guiding and touring are also on offer.

Schneesportschule Eichenhof, Winkle-Schattseite 6c, 6380 St. Johann in Tirol
Tel: +43 5352 65930, Email: [email protected]

Skischule St. Johann

Skischule St. Johann has been operating in the village for over 60 years, and is based in the centre of the ski area, by the Harschbichl cable car station. It prides itself on its large ‘Bobo-Kinderclub’ for children, near the Hochfeld I chairlift, and offers a supervised lunch at its own children’s restaurant. Older and more advanced children can also have full day lessons with a supervised lunch. In addition to group and private lessons for a range of abilities, Skischule St. Johann offers ski guiding and instruction in monoski or telemark skiing.

Skischule St.Johann, Hornweg 15, 6380 St. Johann in Tirol
Tel: +43 5352 64777, Email: [email protected]

Schischule Oberndorf

Schischule Oberndorf provides convenient schooling for visitors staying in Oberndorf. A new ‘Bobo-Kinderclub’ located near the Oberndorf lifts, offers the opportunity for small children to find their feet on skis. Beginners lessons only run Sunday and Monday, after which groups are divided at 9:45 – although group lessons don’t run on Fridays or Saturdays.

Schischule Oberndorf, Griesbachweg 7, 6372 Oberndorf
Tel: +43 5352 62520, Email: [email protected]

St. Johann Mountain Guides

Most of the ski schools in St. Johann offer ski guiding, although the immediate area around St. Johann is relatively limited for off-piste skiing. By comparison nearby Fieberbrunn is well-renowned for its powder opportunities and many of the ski schools there are specialists in guiding and freeriding instruction.

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