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Wildschonau has five ski schools, up to 200 qualified instructors and at least one ski school in each of the three main ski villages. Niederau is a particularly family-friendly resort and an ideal place for beginners with wide-open nursery slopes and easy blue runs for beginners.

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Ski Schools in Wildschonau

Ski Schools in Auffach

Though Niederau is best for novices and caters very well for the English speaking market, Auffach also has two ski schools and the best ski area, now linked by gondola to Alpbach. The choice for English language speakers in Auffach is easy: Toni’s Tiroler Ski School caters mainly for German and Dutch skiers and has yet to translate its website into English, whereas the Ski & Snowboard School Wildschonau offers instruction in English, Dutch and French as well German and is one of only two ski schools in Wildschonau to receive the coveted Snowsport Tirol Quality Award.

Ski & Snowboard School Wildschonau
Director: Richard Muhlegger
A-6313 Auffach 253, Wildschonau
Tel: +43 5339 2556 or +43 664 131 2304
Email: [email protected]

Toni’s Tiroler Ski School
Director: Toni Thaler
A-6313 Auffach 51, Wildschonau
Tel: +43 5339 8868 or +43 664 484 1181
Email: [email protected]

Ski Schools in Oberau

The Happy Ski School in Oberau is a small ski school and ski kindergarten on Roggenboden in Oberau and providing ski lessons and childcare mainly for young children aged 2-6. The Happy Ski School website is published mainly in German with essential information also in English and Dutch.

Happy Ski School Wildschonau
Director:  Stefan Margreiter
A-6311 Oberau 245, Wildschonau
Tel: +43 5339 2323 or +43 676 530 4050
Email: [email protected]

Ski Schools in Niederau

Niederau is a popular choice for families and novice skiers from the UK and Ireland and offers a choice of two ski schools – the Ski School Aktiv (blue ski suits) and the 1.Wildschonauer Ski School (red ski suits) – both of which have offices not far from the gondola base station.

While Ski School Aktiv is the only ski school in Niederau to have received the coveted Snowsport Tirol Quality Award, bot ski schools offer high standards of ski instruction in English for Alpine skiers, Nordic skiers and snowboarders and for those with younger children they also offer good child care facilities run by professionally qualified nannies allowing parents to leave their kids in safety while spending time on the slopes.

Ski School Aktiv
Director:  Berhard Larch
A-6314 Niederau, PO 35, Wildschonau
Tel: +43 5339 2701 or +43 676 722 7442
Email: [email protected]

1. Wildschonauer Ski School
Director: Sepp Schellhorn
A-6314 Niederau 117, Wildschonau
Tel: +43 5339 2200 or +43 664 332 2381
Email: [email protected]


Mountain Guiding in Wildschonau

Off-piste guides and ski mountaineering guides for touring can be arranged through the ski schools.

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