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There are three major ski schools in Méribel, one of them British-run. But there are also smaller schools and individual instructors and guides.

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Meribel Ski Schools and Guiding 

The ESF has 400 Alpine ski instructors speaking a range of languages and offers group and individual tuition to both adults and children as well as courses in snowboarding (free ride, freestyle and slalom racing), off-piste skiing and cross-country skiing.

Magic in Motion are a smaller outfit offering a similar range of classes with a maximum group size of 7 for adults, 5 for children up to 5 years old and 8 for older children.

There is also a British-run international ski school called New Generation which offer five-day courses (maximum group size of 8), two-day specialised clinics (maximum group size of 6) as well as private tuition across all disciplines. Over the last couple of seasons, a handful of smaller ski schools have also set up.

There is strong emphasis on learning by having fun for the very small (3-5) at Les Piou Piou Kindergartens run by the ESF. Open morning and afternoon (with an optional lunch) there’s a snow covered play and ski area with mini ski lifts where children are introduced to skiing and games in the snow. There’s also a heated chalet where children can rest or play during bad weather.

ESF Meribel
Maison de Tourisme
BP 17
73550 Meribel
Tel : + 33 4 79 08 60
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.esf-meribel.com

Magic In Motion
Galerie des Cimes
73550 Les Allues
Tel: + 33 4 79 08 53 36
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.magic-meribel.com

New Generation
The Old Laundry
Albury Park, Albury
Guildford GU5 9BH, UK
Tel: +33 4 79 01 03 18/+33 4 79 06 12 70 (Winter season only)
Email:[email protected] 
Web: www.skinewgen.com

Les Piou Piou Kindergartens
Olympic Centre and Le Rond-Point
Meribel Tel: +33 4 79 08 66 90
Mottaret Tel: +33 4 79 00 36 66


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