Via Lattea Ski Schools & Guiding

There are numerous ski and snowboard schools throughout Via Lattea and the standard of tuition is good, with a choice of group lessons or private tuition. Group lessons are generally held in the mornings and last between 2 and 3 hours depending on the ski school.

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Via Lattea Ski Schools

All Via Lattea ski schools offer lessons in skiing and boarding and some also offer lessons in telemark skiing, technique and free style, and most also offer guided days out. For advice or a day of guiding in the area with an expert local ski and snowboard instructor contact [email protected] who offers a day’s guiding for €295 per group.

Claviere Ski School

Scuola di Sci Claviere
Tel: +39 0122 878818
Email: [email protected]

Sansicario Ski School

Scuola di Sci Sansicario Action
Tel: +39 0122 811600
Email: [email protected]

Cesana Ski School

Scuola Sci Monti della Luna
Tel: +39 0122 897292
Email: [email protected]

Pragelato Ski School

Scuola di Sci Pragelato
Tel: +39 0122 78960

Sauze d’Oulx Ski Schools

Scuola di Sci Sauze Sportinia
Tel: +39 0122 850218
Email: [email protected]

Scuola di Sci Sauze d’Oulx
Tel: +39 0122 858084
Email: [email protected]

Scuola di Sci Sauze Project
Tel: +39 0122 858942
Email: [email protected]

Sestriere Ski Schools

Scuola Sci Nazionale Sestriere
Tel: +39 0122 77060
Email: [email protected]

Scuola di Sci Sestriere Extreme
Tel: +39 0122 76214
Email: [email protected]

Scuola Sci Olimpionica
Tel: +39 0122 76116
Email: [email protected]

Scuola di Sci Borgata
Email: [email protected]
Tel: +39 0122 77497

There are also sites for ski racing in Sestriere, Sansicario and Claviere and groups can arrange to hold their own downhill ski races, with all organisation handled by the central Via Lattea lift pass office in Sestriere. For further information contact the Ufficio Sportivo on ufficio.sportivo@Via

Via Lattea Mountain Guides

Off piste guiding and ski mountaineering can be organised through the local ski guiding association in Bardonecchia.

Association of Alpine Guides in Bardonecchia
Tel: +39 0122 96060
Email: [email protected]

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