Skiing in Deer Valley

Deer Valley’s ski area extends for 2,026 acres across six mountains and features 100+ trails offering exceptionally well-groomed terrain for beginners and intermediates as well as more challenging ungroomed terrain and glades for advanced and expert skiers. While all levels of skiers are catered for, snowboarding is not allowed.

Deer Valley Ski Area Overview

Deer Valley Resort’s award-winning reputation for luxury and exemplary service is not confined to lodging and restaurants.  The resort strives to deliver 5-star service standards in all areas of operations, both on- and off-mountain, so expect the very best and prepare not to be disappointed.

Deer Valley’s ski area (2,026 acres and 101 trails) is spread over six mountains, namely: Bald Mountain (9,400 feet), Flagstaff Mountain (9,100 feet), Empire Canyon (9,570 feet), Lady Morgan (9,000 feet), Bald Eagle Mountain (8,400 feet) and Little Baldy Peak (7,950 ft).

Deer Valley Resort Bald Mountain in Winter

Photo credit: Deer Valley Resort – Bald Mountain

Around 15 per cent of Deer Valley’s trails are rated green for beginners, with 50 per cent blue trails and double blues for intermediate skiers and 35 per cent for advanced and expert skiers only. Snowboarding at Deer Valley is not allowed.

Beginners can find easy trails on all six mountains, while intermediate skiers can cruise to their heart’s delight on Deer Valley’s many famed, groomed trails. Advanced and expert skiers will find themselves skiing uncrowded black and double black diamond trails, and eight chutes, three bowls and glades of Aspens and evergreen trees covering 930 acres offer easy access to great powder.

In common with other Utah ski resorts whose claim to fame includes “the greatest snow on earth”, Deer Valley can rely on over 300 inches of natural snowfall each winter. More often than not, it’s light and fluffy “champagne powder” thanks to the dryness of the high-altitude desert environment.

In 2022/23 Deer Valley recorded a whopping 600+ inches of snowfall and even in a poor winter, such as 2017-18, there were over 200 inches of natural snow. Local snowmaking systems powered by 100% renewable energy are among the best in the West, with snowmaking covering 76% of Deer Valley’s 101 trails.

Although Deer Valley (owned by Alterra Mountain Company) and Park City Mountain Resort (part of Vail Resorts) are both situated in Park City, the two adjacent ski areas do not share a common lift pass and skiing between the two ski areas is not an option.

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Beginner Skiing in Deer Valley

Deer Valley’s beginner skiing boasts well-groomed slopes across several mountain faces. Beginners in Deer Valley should head for the Wide West trail on Bald Eagle Mountain.

Deer Valley Resort Perfectly Groomed Corduroy

Photo credit: Deer Valley Resort

Wide West trail on Bald Eagle Mountain

One of the best areas for beginners is the separate, protected Wide West trail on Bald Eagle Mountain, reached by the Burns and Snowflake chairlifts. A very short trail on the lower half of Bald Eagle and void of any trees or other obstacles, it makes for a stress-free route. It’s a very easy grade and ends at the back of Snow Park Lodge, so skiers can take off their skis and rest and relax. The ski area in the real estate development of Deer Crest is also accessible via the Little Stick or Navigator ski trails, or by catching the Jordanelle Express Gondola at the Mayflower/Deer Crest entrance on Highway 40.

Success trail on Bald Eagle Mountain

Also good for beginners on Bald Eagle Mountain, the Success trail on Bald Eagle Mountain is longer than Wide West. Running from the top of Bald Eagle Mountain to the bottom and accessible from the Carpenter Express quad, it’s an easy, wide slope for beginners who feel comfortable doing a full-length trail. On Bald Mountain, Sunset and Sunset West, trails wind around the mountain and join with Ontario to give the longest trail (2 miles/3.2 km). This is the highest beginner trail in terms of elevation-9,400 feet (2,865 m)-giving beginners the best views from any green trail on the mountain.

Empire Canyon 

Once skiers make their way to Empire Canyon, via Bandana trail, they can ski the Nugget by riding the Little Chief chairlift. Empire Canyon is Deer Valley’s furthest mountain so beginners can feel a little more adventurous but still ski on a green trail. 

Most of Deer Valley’s mountains have at least one green trail. The trails connect the mountains, so beginner skiers can always be on trails they can ski confidently.

Intermediate Skiing in Deer Valley

Deer Valley intermediate skiers enjoy a variety of blue and double blue trails, almost all of which are impeccably groomed nightly.

Blue Trails in Deer Valley

A classic ski itinerary for intermediate skiers is to begin on Bald Eagle Mountain to experience the blue trails such as Solid Muldoon, Big Stick and White Owl, a double blue which was the aerial venue for the 2002 Olympics. Then work your way to Bald Mountain for spectacular views. Single blues Keno and Legal Tender are popular, as is Stein’s Way. Then try advancing to double blues such as Wizard and Perseverance. The longest trail is Jordanelle, which runs 2 miles (3 km) from Little Baldy Peak to the bottom of the gondola.

Further challenges for intermediate skiers

On Flagstaff Mountain, Sidewinder and Blue Bell are single blue favourites due to their wide and moderately winding layout. Ski over to Empire Canyon to ski Supreme, a single blue, and then experience the Empire Canyon Bowl area by skiing Orion, Solace and Conviction, all double blues. The most challenging is Three Ply on Flagstaff Mountain, steep and seldom groomed.

Advanced & Expert Skiing in Deer Valley

Deer Valley’s terrain is not all about groomers as some critics would lead skiers to believe. There are also good opportunities for experts.

Deer Valley’s Black Trails

About 25 per cent of the trails are black diamonds, suitable for advanced skiers, and 10 per cent are double diamond blacks for experts. A classic ski itinerary for advanced skiers would be to start on Bald Mountain to ski the single blacks in the Mayflower Bowl area: Rattler, Reward, Perseverance Bowl, Grizzly, Morning Star, Fortune Teller, Paradise, Narrow Gauge and a few others. Next, head over to Empire Canyon to ski Domingo, Buckeye and Lady Morgan Bowl. Finish the day by skiing the single blacks on Bald Eagle Mountain. To ski in the tracks of the Olympic athletes of 2002, try Know You Don’t, which was the slalom venue, and Champion, the mogul venue.

Sultan and Mayflower on Bald Mountain

Strong skiers in search of steeper, ungroomed trails and Utah’s famous light powder will be rewarded with numerous trails in the Sultan and Mayflower areas of Bald Mountain. There are also spectacular views to be had up here. The chutes in Mayflower Bowl offer the challenges of steep, rock-lined and narrow trails. Lady Morgan Bowl is a wide trail with bumps that eventually works its way into a glade-skiing section. Champion is a straight trail with bumps. Looked at from below it may not look much, but once you’re standing at the top it’s a different story!

Bowls, Chutes and Gladed Skiing in Deer Valley

Deer Valley has six bowls and many chutes, in addition to 800 acres (324 ha) of glade skiing. The Daly chutes offer eight very steep chutes (one of which is the steepest chute in Utah) and challenge even the most seasoned expert skiers. Triangle Trees is one of Deer Valley’s larger gladed areas, offering open shots and a variety of exposures. Glades and chutes are challenging because they may also have numerous unmarked obstacles and are not patrolled regularly. You can get a special experts-only trail map. There are plenty of opportunities for skiing off the beaten track, but you should check conditions with the Ski Patrol or a mountain host before entering any off-piste area.

Deer Valley Resort - Daly Chutes - Advanced & Expert Ski Terrain

Photo credit: Deer Valley Resort – Daly Chutes

Ski Utah Interconnect Adventure Tour

Ski Utah’s signature backcountry tour allows advanced and expert skiers in good physical condition the opportunity to ski seven resorts – Deer Valley, Park City Mountain Resort, Brighton, Solitude, Alta, and Snowbird – in one day without ever removing your skis and includes a few runs at each resort before skiing established backcountry routes to the next.

Operating 7 days a week (conditions permitting) the Ski Utah Interconnect Tour takes around 7 hours (lunch and transportation included) and is the only way to access the Park City and Salt Lake City (Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons) resorts in the same day. For skiers only snowboarding is not permitted at Deer Valley and Alta resorts. Avalanche beacons and all resort passes are included.

Ski Utah Interconnect Tour
Tel: +1.801.534.1779


On-Mountain Dining in Deer Valley

Deer Valley’s mountain restaurants offer a good variety of dining options ranging from international, traditional and seafood to self-service and fast food including Snow Park Lodge at the base, Silver Lake Lodge mid-mountain and Empire Canyon Lodge at the bottom of Empire Canyon. Three of Deer Valley’s mountain restaurants are also open in the evening.

Deer Valley Resort Empire Canyon Lodge

Photo credit: Deer Valley Resort – Empire Canyon Lodge

Eating at Snow Park Lodge

In Snow Park Lodge there’s the Snow Park Lodge Restaurant, open for breakfast and lunch daily from 8:00 am-2:00 pm. For evening dining, the Seafood Buffet offers a vast array of seafood appetizers and entrées, grilled fowl, pasta, prime rib and some fabulous desserts. Fine wine and spirits are also available.

Silver Lake Lodge Eateries

At Silver Lake Lodge there are several restaurants. The Silver Lake Restaurant has Continental-style breakfast and lunch daily. The Royal Street Café features award-winning cuisine in a contemporary but rustic setting, with sit-down waiter-service lunch, dinner and après ski daily. The elegant Mariposa, the best restaurant on the mountain, offers a mix of classic and contemporary cuisine, as well as vegetarian and tasting menus and fine wines. Bald Mountain Pizza is open at lunchtime only.

Lunch and Snacks at Empire Canyon Lodge

Empire Canyon Lodge gives breathtaking views of Daly Bowl and chutes, along with scenic deck dining. The Empire Canyon Grill is open for drinks only from 9:15 am-11:00 am and lunch from 11:00 am-2:30 pm. Afternoon snacks are then available until 3:30 pm.

Snowshoe Tommy’s and Cushing’s Cabin

Also on the mountain, but not affiliated with any of the main lodges, are Snowshoe Tommy’s on Bald Mountain (open 9:30 am-3:30 pm daily, conditions permitting) for chilli, desserts, espressos and cold drinks; and Cushing’s Cabin on Flagstaff Mountain (9:30 am-3:30 pm daily, conditions permitting) for snacks and hot and cold drinks.

Deer Valley Resort Snowshow Tommys Mountain Restaurant

Photo credit: Deer Valley Resort Snowshow Tommys

Fine Dining in Deer Valley’s Ski Area

For fine dining on-mountain in more luxurious surroundings, the ski area is also home to five superb hotels for a more sophisticated and longer lunch break. For example, six private igloos – The Alpenglobes on the deck at Stein Eriksen Lodge offer an unforgettable lunch experience or for Tyrolean charm check out The Kitz at the Goldener Hirsch Hotel just a three-minute walk from Sliver Lake Lodge. Reservations only. 

Guest Services Desks in Deer Valley

Guest Services Desks are on hand at Snow Park Lodge (main level) and Silver Lake Lodge (lower level) from 8 am to 5 pm and go out of their way to ensure everyone has the best possible experience during their stay in Deer Valley.

Complimentary Ski Storage Lockers

This includes complimentary storage lockers for your ski gear. Complimentary Ski Storage lockers for overnight storage are available at Snow Park Lodge, Sliver Lake Lodge and Jordanelle Express Gondola. Daytime storage is available at Empire Canyon Lodge.

Ski Patrol Huts

Located at the top of each of the six main lifts. To report an accident cal +1-435-645-6804

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