Getting to Waterville Valley

Just 20 minutes off of Interstate 93, Waterville has a truly quaint and quiet feel not so far off the beaten path.

Waterville Valley is located towards the end of the portion of NH-49 that is open during the winter, only 20 minutes or so off Interstate 93. GPS users should beware that Tripoli Road, which also accesses the resort area, is closed during the winter. This “resort at the end of the road” feel is unique in New Hampshire, and creates a more quaint mountain village ambiance. Many families that travel to Waterville love the atmosphere, as there is plenty of amenities and not a lot of trouble that kids can get into!

The majority of visitors to Waterville Valley come up from Boston, just a two-hour drive up I-93. For visitors using Boston’s Logan Airport, this drive is a simple straight shot, just beware of the traffic corridor between southern New Hampshire and the city during rush hour as plenty of city workers commute from this part of New England. Manchester, NH is the location of another airport, and is a mere hour and fifteen minutes from Waterville Valley straight up the highway. Portland, ME is another airport option, though the drive from here is more adventurous as a two hour and twenty minute endeavor on ME- and NH-25.

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