Oberstdorf Accommodation

Oberstdorf is a substantial town and a popular tourist destination wither 20,000 guest beds in 50+ hotels and numerous guesthouses for bed & breakfast as well as a good selection of apartments.

Oberstdorf Hotels

Five stars
Parkhotel Frank
Tel: +49-8322-7060

Four stars
Hotel Oberstdorf:
Tel: +49-8322-94077 0

Hotel Mohren
Tel: +49-8322-9120

Hotel Alpenhof
Tel: +49-8322-93010

Alpenhotel Vollmann
Tel: +49-8322-7020

Ferienhotel Filser
Tel: +49-8322-7080

Tel: +49-8322-96330

Wittelsbacher Hof
Tel: +49-8322-6050

Three stars
Hotel Bergruh
Tel: +49-8322-9190

Tel: +49-8322-96900

Hotel Fuggerhof
Tel: +49-8322-96430

Ins Panorama
Tel: +49-8322-3074

Silencehotel Nebelhornblick
Tel: +49-8322-964250

Naturhotel Waldesruhe
Tel: +49-8322-6010

Hotel Gruben
Tel: +49-8322-3354

Please dial +49-8322- followed by the number shown above.

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