Getting to Oberstdorf

Oberstdorf is easily reached from Munich and the north via Kempten or Kreuzlingen or from the west via Immenstadt.

A regular train service terminates at the railway station in the town centre. Although Munich airport (186 km) is further than Innsbruck (156km), it has better motorway connections. And the roads from Innsbruck – normally a 2½ hour journey – are more likely to be closed in the event of heavy snow. Drivers from Innsbruck should head east towards Imst and then cross the Fernpass to Reutte. Here, in good weather, they can take the small mountain road via Nesselwängle to Sonthofen – or cross into Germany via Pfronten.Friedrichshafen airport (Lake Constance) – an 88km drive – is closer than its bigger rivals and has become an interesting option for skiers travelling on budget airlines. Oberstdorf is an hour-and-a-half’s drive from Friedrichshafen, first along the main road on the northern shore of Lake Constance and then through to Immenstadt before turning south to the resort.

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