Ski Lifts in St-Luc Chandolin

St-Luc Chandolin’s ski area includes 15 ski lifts with a capacity of 13,180 riders per hour. Except for two main lifts from the villages to the ski area, the lifts are mostly surface lifts. These include long and sometimes steep drag lifts to the highest elevations between 2,600 m and 2,980 m.

St-Luc Chandolin Ski Lift System

The St-Luc Chandolin ski area is served by 15 lifts including a funicular, three chairlifts and as many as eight drag lifts providing the main transportation around the ski area. These include some long surface lifts needed to reach the highest lift points at Illhorn (2,600 m), Col des Ombrintzes (2,770 m) and Bella Tola (2,980 m).

The lift system capacity is 13,180 riders per hour and is mostly adequate unless, of course, you have an aversion to drag lifts and lift queues can be an issue during peak holiday periods.

The main lift station in St-Luc (1,650m) is just a 5-minute walk (uphill) from the church in the centre of the village where a funicular lift provides easy access to Tignousa (2,180 m). If you prefer not to walk, you can take the free Ski Bus that runs at regular intervals throughout the day. Numerous bus stops located in and around the village are well-signposted.

Alternatively, if staying in Chandolin (2,000m), it’s a similarly short walk or free shuttle bus to the lift station on the outskirts of the village where a chairlift takes you to Le Tsapé (2,470 m). There’s a mountain restaurant and a beginner zone at the top of each of these lifts.

Funicular 1
Chairlifts 3
Surface lifts 11 (8 drag lifts and 3 moving carpet lifts)

Ski Lift Passes in St-Luc Chandolin

Lift pass options include local ski passes for St-Luc Chandolin (60 km of slopes) and the 6-day pass is valid for all three ski areas including the nearby resorts of Grimentz-Zinal and Vercorin, that’s 210 km of slopes, 46 ski lifts and 103 slopes.

Val d’Anniviers ski passes can be bought online (minimum 4 hours) and the earlier you book the less you pay. A 10% discount is automatically applied for any purchase made at least 30 days in advance and 5% for purchases at least 15 days in advance. Discounts of 15% are available for children (6-15 years) accompanied by an adult, and Teenagers (16-24 years) and Seniors (age 65 and over) also pay less.

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The Magic Pass

Frequent visitors have the option of an annual pass valid from May until the end of the following winter season. The Magic Pass offers unlimited and unrestricted access to ski lifts in 80 Swiss ski resorts including all three Val d’Anniviers ski resorts. The cost of a Magic Pass is only about 30% more than the  Val d’Anniviers 6-day pass if you buy well in advance before the current winter season’s April deadline.

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St-Luc Chandolin Ski Lift Company

Funiculaire St-Luc Chandolin SA
Route du Funiculaire, 93
CH-3961 St-Luc
Tel: +41 27 476 15 50

Snow Conditions in St-Luc Chandolin

St-Luc Chandolin ski area typically receives between 150cm and 200cm natural snowfall each winter with snowfall including 30cm or more per month from December to April and snow falling on an average of 3-4 days per week in winter. Although the ski area faces southwest and can be sun-affected in Spring, most of the slopes are between 2,000 m and 3,000 m so hold their snow well until late season.

Artificial Snowmaking in St-Luc Chandolin

Natural snowfall is boosted by artificial snowmaking where needed with 100+ snow cannons covering 12% of the groomed ski slopes at St-Luc Chandolin

Connections to Grimentz-Zinal and Vercorin

Each of Val d’Anniviers’ three ski areas – St Luc Chandolin, Grimentz-Zinal and Vercorin – has a separate lift system with no direct lift connection between them. However, commuting by car or Swiss Postbus service is relatively easy. About 20 minutes by car or 40 minutes by Postbus (free service) from St-Luc to Grimentz or Zinal. Change buses at Vissoie.

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