Getting to Jackson Hole

Getting to Jackson Hole by air is easy. Teton Village is a quick shuttle from Jackson Hole’s large commercial airport. Jackson Hole airport is served from most major U.S. airports. The nearest international airport is Salt Lake City, roughly four and a half hours south.

Nearest Airports to Jackson Hole

Jackson Hole’s setting among the mountains of northwest Wyoming seems calculated to impress. Sweeping into the broad Snake River valley by plane gives a grandstand view of the Teton Range to the north. From touchdown at Jackson Hole Airport, it’s an easy 9 miles to the town of Jackson and a further 12 miles to Teton Village resort at the base of the ski area.

Jackson Hole Airport – 9 miles to Jackson
Salt Lake City International Airport – 281 miles / 4 hours 30 mins to Jackson
Denver International Airport – 518 miles / 7 hours 30 mins to Jackson

There are no direct flights from outside the U.S. but there are flights from all of the major U.S. connecting airports.. There are even direct flights on United Airlines from Newark, NJ (EWR) which makes Jackson an easy trip from the New York area. The nearest international airports with good European connections are Salt Lake City and Denver, although it is not recommended to drive from there to Jackson, especially during the winter as weather and mountain passes add additional risks and challenges to an already long drive.

Airport Transfers to Jackson Hole

Whether or not you choose a private transfer shuttle, taxi or rental car will generally depend on where you’re staying and your personal preferences. Also, some hotels offer complimentary airport transportation, so make sure to check with your accommodations to see if this service is available.

Taxis from Jackson Hole Airport

Jackson Hole Airport encourages shared transportation to minimise environmental footprint as well as to help save on fares into town – just look for the TaxiPool sign at the Information Desk in baggage claim at the airport. If you prefer to arrange a private taxi transfer, both Uber and Lyft taxi services operate in Jackson so you can always use those taxi Apps or choose from over 20 taxi companies.

Public Bus Services from Jackson Hole Airport

Unfortunately, there is no public bus option for getting from (or to) Jackson Hole Airport.

Car Rental at Jackson Hole Airport

Renting a car in Jackson Hole is fairly easy. There are four car rental companies that are on-site at the airport: Alamo, Avis/Budget, National and Enterprise. These are the most convenient options as their cars are kept on airport property, making pick-up and drop-off fairly easy (other than any time spent waiting in line at the rental desk).

There are also four off-airport rental companies: Hertz, Dollar, Leisure Sports and Thrifty. These companies offer shuttles between the airport and their offices/vehicles in the town of Jackson.

Driving to Jackson Hole

Driving to Jackson Hole is certainly possible, but not very common – especially in winter due to the dangerous combination of weather and mountain roads. Many roads within the major nearby parks (Yellowstone Grand Teton and Bridger-Teton) are closed for the winter between early November and late April. In particular, all roads south through Yellowstone National Park are closed to motorized vehicles, except for snowmobile and snowcoach tours. Make sure to plan accordingly.

However, for those choosing to drive, make sure to pay attention to weather forecasts and road conditions by visiting the Wyoming Department of Transportation website.

For those traveling to or from Idaho (including those hoping to spend time skiing at Grand Targhee), you will need to drive over the Teton Pass, which is by far the most dangerous road in the area, so make sure to also visit the Idaho Department of Transportation.

Depending on road conditions, vehicles may be required to have a combination of snow chains, winter tires, and/or All-Wheel-Drive to enter the pass. (Note: while tractor-trailers are technically not allowed on the Teton Pass between November 15 and April 1, many vehicles do not adhere to these rules, and cross the Pass anyway – often causing major accidents and traffic along the road due to the combination of steep grades, sharp turns, bad weather, and moose. Needless to say, drive carefully at all times.

Distances from Major US cities

The closest major US city to Jackson Hole is Park City, UT, ranging in distance from ~250 to ~300 miles depending on the route (~400 to 480 km). The journey will probably take between 4-5 hours, but could be much more depending on weather and road conditions. The next closest major cities include Denver, Colorado (at least 515 miles / 829 km depending on route) and Boise, Idaho (at least 345 miles / 555 km depending on route).

Local Transportation in Jackson Hole

In terms of transportation, there is an inexpensive public bus service between the Village and Town (cash only on board or pre-purchase via the STARTBus app) – make sure to look for the express bus, not the local. There are several different bus routes, and the system is generally reliable and extensive enough to rely on for even a long-term stay in the area. Buses run quite late into the evening between Town and Teton Village so you can enjoy a night out in either area and still make it home.

There is also a free on-demand town shuttle program which will run between town and the grocery stores on Broadway – just download the Start On-Demand app for iPhone or Android. This service is paid for by local taxes, and is thankfully becoming more and more popular in small towns around the country.  You can also call a taxi or Uber / lyft, which will be quicker than public transport.

Keep in mind that since the road between Town and Teton Village is only one lane, there can often be a lot of traffic in the mornings and at the end of the ski day, especially in bad weather, so plan accordingly.

Grand Targhee

On the other side of the Tetons, just 45 miles from Jackson, is powder mecca Grand Targhee. In good weather Grand Targhee is an easy (and essential) day trip for visitors to Jackson Hole. It is not recommended to drive over the pass in bad weather, both due to the hazards of driving on ice and snow (chains and 4WD will be required), as well as the hazards that other vehicles create. It is illegal for trucks to drive over the pass from November 15 to April 1, but multiple trucks do so each day anyway, often causing major accidents and delays.

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