Accommodation in Jackson Hole

The town of Jackson’s architectural style is classic Wild West and where you’ll find most of the lodging, whereas Teton Village is a purpose-built ski resort with numerous slopeside lodging options, ranging from upmarket hotels to a hostel right next to the lifts.

Lodging Options in Jackson Hole

Deciding where to stay in Jackson isn’t easy. The town of Jackson is where you’’’ find most of the lodging, dining and nightlife. Plus, Jackson’s town square is as as close to a real Wild West town as you’re ever likely to spit in. Staying slopeside in Teton Village is the best for visitors who want to maximize their time skiing.

The Town of Jackson 

The town of Jackson Hole was named in 1893 and the wider valley area, also known as Jackson, was incorporated in 1914. Early trappers referred to it as a Hole because it’s fully surrounded by the Gros Ventre and Teton mountain ranges. The peaks rise dramatically from the high valley plain, from around 6,000 feet (1,829 m) above sea level to a lift-served maximum of over 10,000 feet (3,048 m.) The highest peak in the range, Grand Teton, reaches nearly 14,000 feet (4,267 m.)

The architectural style of Jackson Hole has remained authentic to its early settler roots with western-style saloons and shop fronts, galleried wooden sidewalks and hitching posts.. But don’t be fooled: Jackson is now home to more billionaires than cowboys (yes billionaires), with luxurious ranches scattered throughout Teton County, which has the highest concentration of wealth per household than any other county in the United States. 

Grand Teton National Park, established in 1929, is intimately entwined with the town, as a lot of the land in the area over time became part of the park. In fact, 97% of Teton County is protected land, making housing and development extremely difficult, and expensive. Due to housing limitations, many people who work in Teton County actually live just over the border in Idaho and brave the treacherous Teton Pass each day to get to Jackson.

Jackson Hole is also synonymous with the word “Moose”, but it’s not just a gimmick. The valley is a main migratory hub for moose, elk, deer, bighorn sheep and other animals, who venture down from higher elevations in the winter in search for food in lower snowpack areas.

It would be uncommon for visitors to not see a moose, as many make a home of Teton Village and the surrounding roads. Just don’t be an idiot – it is also not uncommon for moose to attack if they feel threatened, so don’t linger or get close enough to take a selfie. Keep in mind, if their ears are back, they may attack – and be especially cautious to not get between a mother and her calf.

Teton Village

Just 12 miles (32 km) from the town of Jackson, Teton Village is a purpose-built ski resort with a Western feel. It’s the place to stay if you want to really maximize time on the slopes. Most accommodation is within a short walk of the lifts, and there are all the amenities you are likely to need within the village, including a small grocery store, and several restaurants and après-ski bars. Nevertheless, one or more visits to town is essential to experience all the area has to offer. There’s an inexpensive but infrequent bus service for which you can buy a book of tickets, or it’s a 15-minute cab ride. 

Lodging in Teton Village

Teton Village offers numerous lodging options ranging from upmarket hotels to a hostel, just yards from the lifts, which makes the out-of-town motels around Jackson irrelevant to budget skiers, except in the busiest periods, and dispenses with the need for a rental car.

Four Seasons Resort Jackson Hole

The Four Seasons Resort Jackson Hole is Teton Village’s premier hotel and the world’s first Four Seasons Resort in a ski resort. Spacious guest rooms and suites with views of Grand Teton Mountains, Jackson Valley or Hotel courtyard are tastefully furnished and the resort also offers a choice of 11 residences (2-5 bedrooms). Amenities include three restaurants, lounge, full-service spa with pool, on-site boutiques, ski concierge and complimentary car service. Location: 7680 Granite Loop Rd, Teton Village, WY 83025.

Snake River Lodge and Spa

Located at the base of the mountain in Teton Village with ski in access, the Snake River Lodge and Spa combines an unbeatable location with the highest standard of accommodation and service in Jackson Hole. The hotel is beautifully decorated with stylish, western furnishings offering a warm and welcoming rustic charm.

Alpenhof Lodge

The Alpenhof Lodge has a Bavarian- style interior, serves good food, and has a private pool and hot tub.

Teton Mountain Lodge & Spa

Teton Mountain Lodge & Spa is located in Teton Village, at the base of the ski area and a short bus ride from Jackson Town. It is possible to ski back to the property and walk a few steps to the ski lifts giving great access to the skiing.

Teton Village Condominiums

Teton Village Condominiums are spread out across Teton Village at the base of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort all enjoying easy access to the lifts and are around a 15 min walk from the restaurants and shops of Teton Village. The condos are all spacious and attractively furnished but décor can vary from condo to condo as each is privately owned.

Lodging Options in the Town of Jackson

Jackson’s architectural style is right in the mood: western-style saloons and shop fronts, galleried wooden sidewalks and hitching posts. If you took a wrong turn in the morning, you feel you could easily spend your day branding cattle rather than making your mark on the slopes. But don’t be fooled: Jackson is now home to more millionaires than cowboys, with luxurious ranches scattered over the surrounding area and a range of luxury hotel accommodation to match.

The Wort Hotel

The Wort is located in the downtown Jackson, close to the old square and offers easy access to all of the town’s bars, restaurants and shops. They offer a free shuttle bus service to Snow King Resort (about 5 minutes) and Teton Village (about 15 – 20 minutes).

Out of town – but roughly mid way between Jackson and Teton Village – the Amangani Resort provides the most luxurious escape. The nearby Spring Creek Ranch has attractive town-house style condominiums and wonderful views of the majestic Tetons down the valley. There is also a wide range of self-catering accommodation in Jackson, in the Village, and between the two.

Jackson Hole Resort Lodging

The resort also acts as a lodging distributor, and is a decent place to find homes and condos in Teton Village. Find out more >


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