Learn to Ski in Killington

“Give us a week and we’ll give you a lifetime” is how Killington’s Perfect Turn Ski and Snowboard School sums up its ethos.

And it’s taught more people to ski than any other ski resort in North America, so it knows what it’s talking about. From the right gear to the perfect turn by way of video and the pros’ personal attention and tons of beginner trails, this is progressive “can-do” coaching at its best. All clinics are out of the Snowshed and Rams Head areas; all learn to ski/ride clinics are at the Sprint Perfect Turn Discovery Center, also located at Snowshed. Coaching is available for the youngest recruits at 2-3 years for on-snow; and at six weeks for daycare. Children are supervised at lunchtime if your child is in a full-day program.

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