Getting to Saas-Fee

Getting to Saas-Fee by car or by train and bus is easy from any one of five airports. Transfers mostly take around 3 hours (give or take 30 minutes), and cars must be parked outside the village which is car-free apart from electric taxis and service vehicles.

Nearest Airports to Saas-Fee

The nearest airport to Saas-Fee is Sion, but Geneva is the main gateway because it has many more flights. Approximate distances and drive times are:

  • Sion airport 78km / 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Geneva airport 227km / 2 hours 32 minutes
  • Basel airport 226km / 3 hours 8 minutes
  • Zurich airport 249km / 3 hours 18 minutes
  • Milan Malpensa airport 208km / 3 hours 3 minutes

Airport Transfers to Saas-Fee

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Getting to Saas-Fee by Rail

The nearest train station is Visp, about 27kms from Saas Fee. You can complete the journey by taxi (arrange one online through Ski-Lifts) or Postbus which leaves from directly in front of the station and is clearly signed. Typically, buses depart about every 30 minutes until about 9pm.

Approximate train journey times from the airports to Visp are as follows:

Basle Airport – Visp 2 hours 17 minutes
Zurich Airport – Visp 2 hours 17 minutes
Geneva Airport – Visp 2 hours 27 minutes
Milan Malpensa Gallarate – Visp 2 hours

If there are no trains to Visp, look for a train to Brig or Sion.

Driving to Saas-Fee

The best route from the north (Zurich / Basel) is via Bern through the L?tschberg tunnel (motorail service CHF 25 per journey each way), from the east and south (Milan) through the Furka or over the Simplon pass. From the west (Geneva), Saas-Fee is reached via Lausanne and the Rhone Valley to Visp. It takes around 2 hours 30 minutes to drive to Saas-Fee from Geneva airport and a little over 3 hours from Basel, Zurich or Milan.

Parking outside Saas-Fee village

Saas-Fee is car free so cars must be parked outside the village (covered and outdoor carpark) from where hotel pickups or just a trolley can be arranged for luggage transfer. There is a telephone by unloading zones A&B from where you can call your hotel for collection; there’s also a phone by the tourist office for people arriving by bus. Your Saas-Fee visitor’s card (available from your hotel or apartment owner) gives reduced price parking. If you need a taxi you can order one through the public intercom or speed dial (7020-7060) in the car park or from the tourist office next door.

Electro-taxis in Saas-Fee

Ambros +41 79 439 10 29 / Intercom 7020
Taxi A +41 79 220 21 37 / Intercom 7030
Bolero +41 27 957 70 20 / Intercom 7040
Center Resien +41 27 958 11 33 / Intercom 7050
Imseng +41 27 957 33 44 / Intercom 7060

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