Ski Lifts in Saas-Fee

Saas-Fee’s ski lift system is not the resort’s strong point, but it does carry you to great heights over considerable distances with spectacular views of deeply fissured glaciers and crevasses and there’s adequate capacity to prevent queuing most of the time.

Saas-Fee Ski Lifts

Saas-Fee’s 22-lift system is not the resort’s strongest suit, though it’s by no means bad. As with neighbouring Zermatt, it’s easy to grumble about the duration of some of the ski lifts, when they are in fact carrying you to great heights over a considerable distance at high altitude and surrounded by glaciers.

But unlike Zermatt, the Saas-Fee lift infrastructure hasn’t benefited from recent major investment: Saas-Fee’s last big installation in the main ski area was the Alpin Express jumbo gondola in 1991 (stage 2 in 1994) to the east of Saas-Fee, which not only shifts people quickly from the village to Felskinn 3,000m, a distance of 3650m and 1152m vertical (with one cabin change) but is closer to much of the village than the main base area.

The tunnel-bound funicular, the speedy Metro Alpin, which completes the trip from 3,000m Felskinn to 3,500m Allalin, is 1475m long with an improbable guide’s request stop, the ‘Metro-Window’ halfway up, where parties can exit through an access tunnel to emerge through the rock face onto the blinding brightness of the Hohlaub glacier. Prevailing snow and ice conditions determine how sporting this exit is at any given time.

At the base area to the south-east of Saas-Fee, you can either ride a gondola to the smaller ski area on Plattjen 2570m, a cable car to Felskinn or ride the old gondola to Spielboden 2448m then connect to the higher slopes on the galcier by means of the Längfluh cable car, the Längfluh chairlift and Feechatz T-bar.

Saas-Fee’s top lifts, high on the glacier, are inevitably T-bars – drag lifts are often the only feasible installation on moving glacier ice, a limiting factor which partly explains the apparent lack of investment in new lifts higher up.

There’s also a gondola to the west of Saas-Fee leading to Hannig 2336m, which is an area reserved for winter walking and tobogganing, and the entire Saas Valley ski lift system includes a further 8 ski lifts at Saas Grund and 8 more at Saas Almagell.

Saas-Fee Lift Passes

Saas-Fee ski lift passes are available with the usual discounts for seniors and teenagers. Ski lift passes for children under 9 years of age are free.

Saas-Fee Lift Company

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