Ski Lifts in Sugarbush

Sugarbush Ski Lifts

Sugarbush’s ski lifts are modern and efficient. Although there is no top-to-bottom summit lift, both Mount Ellen and Lincoln Peak bases are served by express quads with sizable uphill capacity, keeping liftlines generally short.

Sugarbush Ski Lifts

At Lincoln Peak Base, the Super Bravo and Gate House Express Quads whisk skiers from the base village to the upper reaches of the mountain. At Mount Ellen, the Green Mountain Express Quad is the main uphill option, taking skiers to the base of the Summit Quad. Alternatively, the fixed grip Inverness Quad services some excellent intermediate terrain.

To connect from one mountain to the other, simply hop on the Slide Brook Express. The chair loads from both mountains, but usually only runs on weekends. Shuttles run regularly between both ski area bases 7 days a week.

No trip to Sugarbush would be complete without a ride on the Castlerock Double. Although the original chair was recently replaced, the new chair maintains the historic feel of its predecessor. The chairs are spaced roughly twice as far apart as on a normal double chair, keeping the number of skiers on Castlerock Peak very low. Just be sure you’re an expert – there’s no easy way down from the top.

Liftlines are generally reasonable, but when things get a little crowded, the Valley House Double at Lincoln Peak is rarely crowded, but still acccesses some great terrain like Stein’s Run, a favorite of many an advanced skier.

One notable flaw in the lift system is that there is no top to bottom lift at either peak. Skiers looking to ski the mountain’s complete vertical must take at least two lifts. Despite this drawback, the mountain is relatively easy to navigate and learning the lift layout is not difficult.

Sugarbush Ski Lift Tickets

Sugarbush offers both single and multiday tickets. Discounts are available by purchasing online in advance directly from the resort’s website. A joint Mad River Glen and Sugarbush “Ski the Valley” season pass is also available as is a severely discounted season pass for skiers still in their 20’s.

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