Ski Lifts in Bariloche

Bariloche Ski Lifts & Passes

After completion of the recent modernization program, Bariloche Cerro Catedral has a total of 34 ski lifts including the high speed “Sextuple Barrilete” .

Bariloche Ski Lifts

Bariloche’s Cerro Catedral has a base altitude of about 1000m above sea level, and its highest lifts reach approximately 2000m. giving it a lift served vertical of about 1000m (3300feet). The resort uses the Ski Data handsfree system for all of its lifts; this reduces the queuing time and allows hassle free access to the slopes. It is the most advanced and agile system in the whole of South America and works extremely efficiently.

The 34 lifts can carry up to 36,000 riders per hour. The lifts open promptly at 9am and close at 5pm, with the new Sextuple Express lift carrying 1800 riders per hour over 2,500 metres. The Telecabina Amancay is the biggest lift and carries 2,000 people per hour 2,000 metres in 125 cabins.

The Nubes Quadruple chairlift is susceptible to closure in harsher weather, but is able to carry 1,200 riders per hour at a speed of five metres per second, and gives access to its own ski area and a restaurant – Las Nubes – in the south section of the resort. The chair lift system has been updated over the past three years to include a number of new high speed 6-person chairlifts in place of the older double and triple chairlifts.

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