Ski Lifts in Bad Kleinkirchheim

From Bad Kleinkirchheim, which is a fairly long and straggling community, the runs are reached by lifts from different parts of the village.

Bad Kleinkirchheim Ski Lifts

A two-stage gondola rises to the Kaiserburg at one extreme of the ski area. From the gondola top station, a couple of T-bars continue up to the highest runs.

A fast four-person chairlift rises to the right side of the Kaiserburg face at Maibrunn. Here you are still at only 5,775ft which gives an idea of the modest altitude of the area. The highest point in the system is at the top of one of the Kaiserburg drags at 6,740ft.

On the other side of the valley, dominated by the slopes of Nockalm and Priedrof, two successive two-seater chairlifts rise from the village. These slopes link in with those of St Oswald. And half way to St Oswald from BKK, another gondola heads up to Nockalm.

From St Oswald a gondola serves the slopes beneath Brunnach at 6,235ft. Brunnach forms the other extremity of the ski area. In this area there are two four-person chairs making the link with the St Oswald and Nockalm slopes.

Queuing for ski lifts is a rare phenomenon in Bad Kleinkrchheim. The uphill ski lift capacity to beds ratio is favourable, the lift bottom stations are spread out on either side of the village and, even when the village is full, many of the guests are there to enjoy the ambience and the spas rather than to ski.

Bad Kleinkirchheim Lift Passes



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