Apres Ski in Pila

Pila is a small purpose-built ski resort at 1,800m with an attractive centre close to the top of the Aosta gondola from the historic town of Aosta. Located slightly higher up the resort at 2,000m is ‘Pila 2000’, home to some large 1970s-style hotel and apartment complexes.

Apres-Ski Bars & Restaurants in Pila

Pila is a quiet, family-friendly resort not renowned for lively nightlife. The après ski is low-key and informal, centred around the sunny terraces of the bars and hotels adjacent to the lower ski slopes.

Bar Yeti is good for a drink after the lifts close as it gets the best of the evening sun.  Gallagher’s Irish Pub, just across the piste is livelier and open until late.  At Pila 2000 the Bar Nouva is popular and also sells excellent ice cream. Bar Mion is great for relaxing with a steaming cup of hot chocolate

Pila offers a selection of good restaurants and great value pizzerias both in the resort centre and in the Piazetta at Pila 2000. Pizzas cooked in wood-fired ovens, Aosta Valley specialities, and traditional Italian cuisine are all available.

The Ristorante Bar Yeti is on the piste close to the top of the gondola from Aosta, but can also be reached on foot in the evenings. This friendly restaurant and bar serves anything from a simple drink to a full lunch or dinner of Aosta Valley specialities. The Brasserie du Grimond at Pila 2000 offers a varied menu, which includes tasty pizza.

Many of Pila’s mountain restaurants are open in the evenings and offer traditional Alpine specialities and a cosy environment with transportation by snowcat or snowmobile.

The Village of Pila 

The early years of the 20th century saw some summer tourism, but the first real winter visitors arrived in 1949 when the chairlift connecting Les Fleurs with Pila was built. Modern-day Pila is a relaxing resort, popular with British skiers, and the resort’s altitude (1,800m-2,000m) is high enough to ensure good snow conditions and good skiing up to 2,752m throughout the season. The ski area and the resort fill up with Italians at weekends, but peak periods and weekends aside it’s relatively quiet during the week and queuing for the lifts is not a problem.


Friendly, affordable and family-friendly, modern-day Pila is relatively small and has two main centres, the first of which was built at 1,800m and served by the Aosta gondola, a 20-minute ride from the city of Aosta. Pila has several good restaurants, a choice of friendly, informal bars and a small number of shops for essential purchases including ski equipment for purchase and rental.

Pila 2000

The second focal point, Pila 200, is at 2,000m where there are several large hotels and apartments and a selection of bars, restaurants and shops, built around a central piazza. From Pila to Pila 2000 is about a 15-minute walk, but the return leg can easily be skied.


The historic mountain town of Aosta has a cultural dimension that surpasses other skiing destinations, complete with 25 historical monuments (at least one of which dates back to Roman times), several medieval and baroque churches, an elegant piazza and plenty of cobbled alleyways. 

Other Activities in Pila

Pila has good facilities for children and plenty of other activities besides skiing. Its proximity to the Roman town of Aosta offers the opportunity to add a cultural dimension to your ski holiday.

Snow Shoeing in Pila

Excursions with snow shoes both day and night can be organised with the team of Aosta Valley Nature Guides at Sac a Dos. Tel: +39 347 13 22 770 / +39 338 67 15 978

Dog Sleigh Tours in Pila

Organised dog sleigh tours follow a picturesque trail through Pila’s ancient pine woods.  Following the briefing session, children of all ages may ride in the sleds and those aged 7 plus may also take a turn at driving themselves. It is best to organise tours in advance, where possible. Tel: +39 335 18 29 414

Ice Skating in Pila

Pila has a natural ice skating rink which is open until late March, conditions permitting. A larger indoor ice skating rink in Aosta is open all year round.

Thermal Baths in Pre San Didier

The Thermal Spa Baths in Pre San Didier offer a fabulous selection of indoor and outdoor spa pools which can be reached by public transport (train or bus) from central Aosta.

Aerial Adventure Park in Pila

The Adventure Park offers an aerial assault course featuring Tibetan bridges, trunk walkways, net bridges and ropes on a choice of five graded, high-level routes, set amongst the larch trees to the side of the Baby Gorraz carpet lift. Harnesses and the necessary safety equipment are mandatory and are kept at the bottom of the lift.

Fun Park in Pila

The Chacard Fun Park is a spacious outdoor play area, just below the church, on the opposite side of the road, to the Aosta gondola station.  The area is served by a moving carpet lift and snow tubing and tobogganing are both available.

Shopping & Sightseeing in Pila and Aosta

Pila has a small number of shops where all essential items as well as souvenirs can be purchased, but the resort itself is quite small although there are plenty of shops and much to see nearby in the ancient Roman city of Aosta. Aosta, the principal city of the Aosta Valley, is just a 20-minute gondola ride from the resort and an interesting place to visit.  The last lift up to Pila from Aosta is at 5 pm.

Aosta’s Roman walls, and six of the original 20 city towers, are still preserved almost in their entirety.  The city’s east and south gates are still intact. The latter, a double gate with three arches flanked by two towers known as the Porta Praetoria dates from the 1st century AD and is well preserved in its original forms, apart from the marble covering.  The Tourist Office in Aosta is situated under this arch.

The rectangular arrangement of Aosta’s streets is modelled on a Roman plan and the main road divides the city into two halves, running from east to west. The large main square Piazza Chanoux is very attractive and there is some good shopping along the Via de Tiller and the Via Porta Praetoria. Also of interest in Aosta are the cathedral (rebuilt in the 11th century), and the Romanesque-Gothic church of Sant’Orso, the patron saint of Aosta, in whose honour the town holds its ancient Fiera di Sant Orso fair and market every January 30th and 31st.

Public transport can be used to travel onward to Pre San Didier and Courmayeur at the top of the Aosta Valley, which is approximately one hour away by bus.

Tourist Information

For more information about other activities, contact the tourist office:

Pila Tourist Office
Ufficio del Turismo Pila
Pila 11020 Gressan (AO)
Tel: +39 0165 52 1008


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