Ski Lifts in Stuben am Arlberg

Stuben’s ski lifts are open in winter from late November until early May. The Arlberg lift ticket covers all ski lifts in Stuben, St Anton, St Christoph, Lech-Zurs, Warth-Sachroecken and Sonnenkopf, which is a separate ski area above Klösterle, 5km to the west of Stuben. There are also cheaper ‘pay as you go’ passes for novices to use Stuben’s nursery slopes.

Stuben Ski Lifts

Ski lifts throughout the Arlberg are almost invariably modern, high- speed and efficient except for a few older lifts, one of which is the Albona I chairlift which goes up the first half of the north face of the Albona from Stuben. Nonetheless, with fewer people around, you rarely have to queue and it’s only a short walk from almost any accommodation in Stuben. It may be slower than any other lift in the Arlberg and unprotected from the elements, but the scenery is good and you get time to study the mountain lines which is useful. In cold weather, blankets are available to keep you warm on the way up. Look out for them on the rail as you approach the chair lift.

Stuben Ski Lift Passes

The full Arlberg ski lift pass covers over 80 ski lifts, 8 of which are in Stuben including the lifts at Alpe Rauz, the 2 drag lifts on baby slopes for first-time beginners, the 2 chairlifts on either side of the Albona and a tiny T bar at Alpe Rauz leading to the 6-person Valfagehr chair. Special 30-point lift passes are available for novices using the nursery slopes in Stuben. The ski lift ticket office is at the bottom of the road that runs through the village, near the Hotel Apres Post and the Tourist Office.


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